Raúl Gorrín: Productivity and success

Imagine if Bill Gates decided with his introduction of windows that he never needed to invest in improving his product. Can you imagine if a computer company was using the same technology from the 1980's. Could you imagine if Apple decided that their product was good for the next twenty years and stopped making any changes or improvements.

You are running a company and your production numbers are good. No not good, your production numbers are fantastic. Your cost of manufacturing your product is so much higher than your cost of producing your product. Your production ratio for input of revenue against outlay of cost of production is s favorable. You figure that you have a winner, so you will further increase your production ratio by eliminating your research and development department. This will save your company countless of millions of dollars and you can still sell your product at the same price.

Does this make any sense? As your competitors come out with better and better products , your product stays the same. What do you think will happen? Here is a quote by Leah Busque, the CEO of Task Rabbit, " I wake up every morning and think to myself - How far can I push the company forward in the next twenty four hours".

Apple has always sought to be the first in technology. This requires a constant research and development outlay for the new technology. By constantly keeping as number one in technology, it's productivity numbers have been fantastic.

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